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1) Nephi, Isaiah, and Jacob 2) Moses, Joseph Smith, brother of Jared 3) Moroni speaks of the word witness as faith in God. He says in Ether 12:6 that you “receive no witness until after the trial of your faith”. I believe that is saying you must be steadfast in faith even through trial and persevering in faith until the end; then can you receive witness in the sense that you are truly believing, a witness of God, and also in the sense where they speak about neither at any time had any miracle been wrought until after their faith where they first believed in the son of God and He showed himself not
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Unformatted text preview: until after their faith (Ether 12:12). This applies to me today because it tells me that I need to be faithful and only through faith will I receive miracles and truly become a witness of God. It also tells me that I will not receive this witness and true faith until after many trials and persevering through them. This makes me think about how much stronger I need to become and how much more I need to learn about the Gospel and keep the Lords commandments and words close to my heart that I may always remember Him. (200)...
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