EcologyVocab - pelagic benthic estuary neritic zones photic...

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AP Eco vocabulary list community niche individualistic hypothesis interactive hypothesis rivet model redundancy model interspecific competition aposematic species competitive exclusion micro-habits symbiosis commensalism mutualism parasitism cryptic coloration Batesian mimickry convergent evolution Mullerian mimickry biodiversity keystone species ecological succession primary succession secondary succession prioneers climax systems population ecology ecosystem ecology community ecology organismal ecology Biomes tropics microclimate wetland savanna chaparral desert grassland Hardy Weinberg equation patterns of dispersion
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demographics big bang reproduction semelparity zero population growth exponential population growth logistic population growth Abiotic Biotic Biome Biosphere dispersal
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Unformatted text preview: pelagic benthic estuary neritic zones photic zone aphotic zone thermocline detritus littoral zone limnetic zone profundal zone oligotrophic eutrophic mesotrophic permafrost behavior innate ethology fixed action pattern sign stimulus optimal foraging theory learning maturation habituation imprinting/critical period taxis kinesis supernormal stimulus associative learning classical conditioning operant conditioning Pavlovian response habituation cognition cognitive maps social behavior cooperative behavior agonistic behavior reconciliation behavior dominance heiarchy altruistic behavior polygyny polyandry pheromones allomones coefficient of relatedness kin selection pecking order...
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EcologyVocab - pelagic benthic estuary neritic zones photic...

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