A lady and cupid

A lady and cupid - Lady Cupid cannot be found For he exists...

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Poetry: A Lady and Cupid Distress and dejection plague The lady with a broken heart. She wanders, in search of a sage, Perhaps, Cupid with his wit and art. For now the forest looks gloomy And no signs of the sage Appear in the mist and misery That plagues the poor Lady’s soul Heavy becomes the Lady’s heart Heavy and laden with despair For she longs for the aid Of the Sage, to bring her lover close
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Unformatted text preview: Lady, Cupid cannot be found For, he exists only in myth and dreams You must rely on your inner strength That resides within your tormented heart’s gleams Better to abandon the search for a sage Than live in a constant state Of misery and dejection Try your heart, for hope exists in your heart’s reflection....
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