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Saba Nafees 1B 21 st September, 2010 Anger: Chunk Topic Sentence : Through constant conflict within herself, the speaker comes to realize that her anger is categorically uncontrollable and deranged and learns that it is essentially impossible to keep anger bottled inside and never let it surface. Personal Associations: “rabid thing”: raging, intense, ferocious, berserk, deranged “sharpening its teeth”: becoming more and more ferocious, becoming intense, biting, harsh “I will never let it go”: resolute, determined to not give up her anger, uncompromising, obdurate, defiant, obstinate Concrete Detail: “But mine is a rabid thing, sharpening its teeth on my very bones, and I will never let it go.” Commentary : The author reveals her inner conflict by comparing her anger to a wild
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Unformatted text preview: animal, particularly a dog. In this sentence, she emphasizes the intensity of her anger by using powerful diction such as “rabid” and “sharpening.” This punctuates the fact that her anger is so wild and ferocious that it is exactly the opposite of the anger of her other self which is like a “pet dog”. Thus, an antithesis is present between a “pet dog” and a “rabid thing”. The violence escalates throughout the poem as words like “claw” turn into “maul” and culminating with “rabid thing sharpening its teeth.” Defying advice, she progresses with characteristic logic and tries to control her anger. But in the process, she seems to become angrier and angrier. She finally asserts that she is determined not to give up her anger....
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