Beowulf_Shrinklet - Hannah Briscoe Jordan Garcia Saba...

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Hannah Briscoe Susan Maalouf 1B Jordan Garcia Monica Tillman 7 th September,2010 Saba Nafees Rebecca Carrender Paige Keenan Beowulf Shrinklet Hrothgar’s men rejoice about the walls, while Grotesque Grendel lies in lust After laughing loud men slumber in mead hall, hatred consumes Grendel devour them he must Many murky nights Grendel treads, the terrorized warriors flee in fear Far across the sea news of horror spreads, so it continues for twelve long years . Living far off was Bold Beowulf, the best of the greatest Geats Of Grendel’s gorges Beowulf hears, with no hesitation he gathers his men Mounted on their ships, they sail the spacious sea of Danes The day on desperate Herot they land, Beowulf lavishes a speech He speaks strongly of great battles, the best rendition of his past Hrothgar praises Beowulf in his own speech, they spend the night sipping drink Out of the darkness, the demon Grendel comes Hoping for an easy feast, yet Herot hides a secret Beowulf feigns sleep, the infamous killer begins to ferociously eat. The mighty protector of men attacks Grendel by surprise, so Grendel wails in pain
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Beowulf_Shrinklet - Hannah Briscoe Jordan Garcia Saba...

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