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Saba Nafees 1B 15 September 2010 Grendel Chapter 4 Questions Q1. How has Grendel’s use of language progressed and differed? What is its relation to humans? Ans: Grendel’s mastery of language has increased and is affected by the Shaper’s skilful manipulation of it. Grendel is deeply affected by the Shaper and his poetic musings, “his manner of speaking was infecting me, making me pompous”(49). He starts using curse words which signify his growing similarity to humans. The paradox is that, though Grendel’s narrative style and language are becoming more complex and effective, he cannot use this skill to communicate to humans as he wishes to. In essence, language represents a bond and is also paradoxically a mode of separation. Q2. What is the significance of Grendel carrying the dead man while listening to the Shaper’s convictions about God’s existence and Grendel’s cursed race? Ans: Grendel almost believes the Shaper that his race is “cursed” and “terrible”,
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