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Saba Nafees 1B 27 th September, 2010 Grendel: Ch 6 Questions Q1. How are Grendel and Unferth similar? Why does Grendel respond the way he does? Ans. Unlike Grendel, Unferth has found something to live and die for. Heroism defines his life and Grendel realizes that, “[h]e had glimpsed a glorious ideal, had struggled toward it and seized it and come to understand it, and was disappointed”(90). Through Unferth’s imagination, he has found a way to live and is satisfied with his theory. On the contrary, Grendel is stuck in time and space, stuck struggling to find a way to live by. When Unferth relates that “[heroism] makes the whole struggle of humanity worthwhile”, Grendel seems to agree and says that it “breaks up the boredom.” He realizes that his life is a monotonous struggle to find theories to live by and that he is hopelessly stuck in its cycle. Consequently, he discovers that having something to live and die for, such as heroism, breaks the “boredom” of life. His intellect leads him to these discoveries, yet his
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