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Saba Nafees 1B 13 th October, 2010 Grendel Chapter 10 Questions Q1. How is Grendel’s encounter with the goat parallel his encounter with the ram earlier in the book? Ans. In both of his encounters, he tries to talk to the animals without getting any response back. He is irritated by the ram’s stupidity. On the contrary, he is amused by the goat’s senselessness. In both cases, he becomes extremely indignant and takes action to get rid of his frustration. But, as usual, he is disregarded, just like everything else in the world disregards him. In his encounter with the ram, he eventually lets the animal go, realizing its extreme stupidity. But now he has changed, and as if through a sudden urge he becomes exasperated and obstinately tries to shoo the goat away. But, the goat in this case mirros death. It approaches without being able to be stopped. Despite all of Grendel’s efforts, the goat, just like death, keeps approaching. Even when the goat dies, death still seems to be approaching Grendel. Q2. How does the goat’s determined climb up the hill mirror Grendel’s actions?
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