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Saba Nafees 1B 13 th October, 2010 Grendel: Chapter 12 Questions Q1. How does Beowulf mirror the Dragon while he is battling with Grendel? What is the significance of this? Ans. Grendel thinks he sees Beowulf having “fiery wings” and “flickering fire in his eyes”. These images mirror the Dragon. Even though these two characters are the only ones who consummately know the entirety of Grendel’s thoughts and isolation, they’re messages oppose each other. Beowulf tries to tell Grendel that he is not the only thing that exists by throwing him against the wall and forcing him to believe in its’ concrete existence. Unlike the Dragon, Grendel believes in the regeneration of things and essentially describes the progress of man when says “the world will burn green, sperm build again”(170). Q2. What is ironic about Grendel saying that “some monster inside me” is going to be responsible for his “voluntary tumble into death”(173)? Ans. The most obvious irony is that Grendel is himself a monster and he is blaming his
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