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Q1. Discuss how the characters in this excerpt from Oliver Twist reflect the social and economic ideas of that time period. How do Bumble, Mann, and the members of the Board of Guardians view the poor? Use textual evidence to support your answer. Ans. Through his novel, Charles Dickens attempts to show the failures of the dominant Victorian Society of the time as it regarded the accommodations of the poor. The Poor Laws had been regulated since the 1500s. These laws were hopeless as they attempted to deal with poverty in an overly harsh manner in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. The society, at the time, blamed the poor to be lazy and arrogant people that were in their state due to their own slothishness. But, the poor did not have much of an opportunity to progress in the midst of a massive industrial revolution in which only the working class and middle class had significant opportunities. Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Mann are working class of the society and they portray
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