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Donne Intro Paragraph

Donne Intro Paragraph - hopeless throughout the passage The...

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Saba Nafees 1B 22 nd Feb, 11 Donne Intro Paragraph In Donne’s Poem, The First Anniversary: The Anatomy of the World , the author is a philosopher speaking to a group of scholars and addressing the confusion that overwhelms them as new philosophies are proposed. During this period of scientific revolution, doubts tangle the minds of scholars as new philosophies are constantly proposed and are proved wrong soon after their arrival. The disorientation that the scholars feel now is presented in the poem with the absence of rhyme and meter in the last four lines, as the first part of the poem is balanced portraying the scientific stability of before. As nothing that was believed in remains concrete anymore, the author’s tone is
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Unformatted text preview: hopeless throughout the passage. The author employs syntax to give coherence to his address of confusion. He uses injamnents to set important elements on both sides of the commas so that it is easy for the reader to compare them and semicolons to balance two ideas together. He uses metaphors such as “Prince” and “subject” to portray that politics and religion no longer hold the same value as before, as science has overshadowed them. The theme of the passage is revealed at the very end with the absence of an end mark. There is no conclusion to new discoveries shattering old beliefs as they continuously happen and take away all connection between previously existing conventions....
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