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Saba Nafees 1B 25 th March, 2011 Heroes leave a mark upon their followers that not even death can erase. Their legacy lives on and continues to inspire and give hope, especially during times of deep trouble. John Milton and Frederick Douglass proved to be paradigms for their countrymen because they set themselves apart from others who didn’t take action. They were the catalysts towards reform in their respective countries and time period. In the poems ‘London, 1802’ and ‘Douglass’, William Wordsworth and Paul Laurence Dunbar call to these heroes as their only hope and inspiration because they have been deeply affected by their country’s dilemma and understand the depths in a time of unrest in their particular countries. The greatness of these heroes reminds them that all hope is not lost despite the overwhelming setbacks. In ‘London, 1802’, Wordsworth begins his work with an apostrophe, beseeching
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Unformatted text preview: Milton that if he lived than their nation would be saved from the stagnant state it is in. In the octave of this Petrarchan sonnet, the author describes the troubles that plague England. He explains that the reason for this troubled state is that religion (‘altar’), the military (‘sword’), literature (‘pen’), and the home (‘fireside’) are no longer what they used to be. These objects were intrinsic to English way of life and now they seem to have lost their value, “have forfeited their ancient English dower.” He states that the Englishmen have lost sincerity, generosity, and principles because they are now “selfish men.” He uses an imperative to humbly command Milton to come back and “raise” their sinking “manners, virtue, freedom, power.” In the sestet, he comments on why and how Milton is the perfect hero to call upon at that specific time....
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