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Grendel Chapter 3 Questions Q1 . What is the correlation between the Shaper and the sophists? How do they play a significant role in affecting Grendel? Ans : Sophists were highly skilled at argument. They created the world according to their arguments and reasoning. Similarly, the Shaper creates and transforms Hrothgar’s land as he invents the songs that bring a change in the milieu of the village and in everyone’s hearts, including Grendel. He brings creativity and imagination and is able to win the hearts of the people around him just as sophists won any argument they were presented with. Although the two are similar, they could also be seen as direct opposites of each other, as the sophists relied on reality and reason, while the Shaper relies on creativity and imagination. They both affect Grendel as he desires to rely on the reasoning that sophists rely on but is torn between the powerful affect that the Shaper has on him. Q2
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