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Grendel Ch. 1 Questions Q1. “That is their happiness: they see all life without observing it. They’re buried in it like crabs in mud.” Grendel is talking about deer. How do the deer oppose the perspective of life that Grendel has? Ans. Grendel is the direct opposite of the animals that he is ridiculing. His life is composed of no communication with anyone and thus he is left with observing it. His mother is dumb and he cannot communicate with humans. He ridicules the deer because the deer is the exact opposite of him. It lives its life in oblivion, while Grendel struggles to find reasons for existence. Q2. Towards the end of the chapter, why is Grendel so deeply affected by Hrothgar’s people? Ans. This scene shows his isolation from humans. Even though Grendel has similar
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Unformatted text preview: characteristics, such as a common language, to humans he cannot adapt in their society amongst them because of his outward appearance. The people are gathering together and singing a song. This unity disgusts Grendel and it emotionally hurts him since he has spent his entire life without any worthy interactions, his only interactions occurring with the sky or other inanimate objects. Q3. What is the significance of the season of spring in this chapter? Ans. The archetypal meaning of spring is progression and new beginnings. Thus, the novel begins with the season of spring. But, regardless of what season it is, it is essentially meaningless to Grendel as he embodies nihlistic existentialist views such as the meaninglessness of life....
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