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Grendel ch2 - would be It doesn’t have reason It...

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Grendel: Chapter 2 Questions Q1. How does living in an underground cave and having no one to interact with lead Grendel to embrace the theory of solipsism? Ans: Grendel, throughout his life has been plagued with isolation. This isolation and his lack of ability to communicate with others lead him seek the philosophies of humans. When he comes out of his cave for the first time and sees moonlight, he sees knowledge. There, he discovers the knowledge of solipsism. Since he is so delved into isolation, he is led to believe that only he exists and everything else “is merely what pushes [him], or what [he] push[es] against”(22). Q2. How the bull like a machine and what is is its significance? Ans: The bull is just like any other animal. According to Grendel, it fights only through instincts and “blind mechanisms.” It acts as if it has been programmed like a machine
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Unformatted text preview: would be. It doesn’t have reason. It parallels the rest of the world, as the world acts unreasonably. The bull leads Grendel to discover that “the world was nothing: a mechanical chaos of casual, brute enmity in which we stupidly impose our hopes and fears”(21-22). Q3.Why does Grendel’s mother react the way she does and hug him so abruptly after hearing him embrace solipsism? Ans: She thinks that perhaps she is losing her child to some insignificant theory. Therefore, she clings to him to make him feel that he isn’t all that exists. But to Grendel, this is the beginning of him changing the dimensions of his life as he is not dependent on her anymore and from now on he will embrace another way to look at life and the world....
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