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Saba Nafees 1B 11 th Feb, 11 Hamlet Act II Questions 1. When Polonius forgets what he is saying to Reynaldo in a matter of a few minutes, it shows that he is an old man who is scatterbrained as he comes up with conniving and roundabout ways to investigate his son’s acts. His lack of intelligence is revealed as he meticulously tries to find perfect ways to spy on his son. 2. Polonius’ pompous characteristics are revealed in the style of his speech. His speech is highly embellished and he tries to use too much rhetoric to convey his point in a roundabout way. As the Queen points out, he uses more ‘art’ than ‘matter’ when he talks. 3. I believe that Hamlet is acting due to the excesses of the madness that has overpowered him. He is in a crucial state in which he does not know how to evaluate the arrival of his father’s ghost. Therefore, his irrational actions with Ophelia are arising due to his unstable condition. I think that in his vulnerable condition, he ended up abusing Ophelia even though he didn’t intend to. 4.
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