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Hamlet Act IV Study Guide

Hamlet Act IV Study Guide - Saba Nafees 1B 28th February 11...

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Saba Nafees 1B 28 th February, 11 Hamlet Act IV Study Guide 1. Gertrude breaks her promise to Hamlet and tells Claudius everything because she feels like she is more allied with Claudius than with Hamlet and believes in his judgment more. 2. It reveals that Claudius is a selfish man who lacks compassion and pity and only used Polonius for his own needs. Therefore, he is not able to muster even a bit of sympathy when he hears of Polonius’ death. 3. Hamlet says that Rosencrantz is a sponge because he “soaks up the King’s countenance, his rewards, his authorities.” He is trying to say that Rosencratz absorbs what he is forced to and serves the purpose that he is designed to. He doesn’t have any discretion of his own because the King has complete control over him. 4. Hamlet suggests that as ironic as it sounds, a King can make use of a beggar (Polonius) by using his for his own purposes. 5. The King pretends to save Hamlet and send him away to England. But he has sent
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