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Hamlet Analysis Essay - Saba Nafees 1B 2nd March, 2011...

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Saba Nafees 1B 2 nd March, 2011 Hamlet Analysis Essay In William Shakespeare’s renowned play, Hamlet, the author endeavors to depict how human character goes awry and what happens when truth and honesty are replaced by lies and deception. Two kings, Old King Hamlet and King Claudius are affected by a horrendous crime which haunts their immortal and mortal lives and provokes them to reflect upon its excesses. They hold contrasting views of the same crime because each of them is affected differently by it. Current King Claudius murders his brother, old King Hamlet, in order to usurp his throne. Old Hamlet is left to die without having a chance to redeem his sins and his soul suffers wretchedly because he believes the only source of relief that he will find now lies in the avenging of his death. Claudius is left in an ambivalent state struggling to be free of the enigma of repentance and neglect that plagues him. Despite the use of similar imagery, diction and tone, the ghost of old Hamlet uses the main drive of pathos while Claudius uses logos to assess the crime. The Ghost King’s main mode of persuasion is pathos as he leads into eventually asking Hamlet to avenge his death. His speech is profoundly despairing as he relates the injustice with which his life and everything that comprised his life was taken away. He declares woefully that the injustice done to him was “most horrible!” He is wretched, woeful and profoundly despairing as he reflects upon the injustice of his death. On the
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Hamlet Analysis Essay - Saba Nafees 1B 2nd March, 2011...

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