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Paige Keenan Saba Nafees 1B 24 th Feb, 11 Hamlet Parody To buy or not to buy – that is the question: If it is prudent for the heart to endure The glares and snickers of rich trendsetters around us, Or show them up by showing off our hand-me-downs, And by being unique, satisfy our heart. To buy – to obtain- No more; and by obtaining the objects that are the epitome of high class we end The inferior feeling we get and the stares That are inherent to our hand-me-down attire – it’s a regal Coach purse Enthusiastically to be desired. To buy- to obtain. To obtain- perhaps to indulge! Oh, but there’s a catch! For in that purchase how our wallet will shrink When we foolishly throw away half our paycheck, Only then does reality sink in. There’s the thought That makes us bear the excesses of prudence. For who could resist the luxurious fabrics and chic purse, The egotistical trendsetter’s wrong, the belittling of the rich The discomfort of shaggy clothes, the brandless jeans,
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Unformatted text preview: The injustice of the social class, and the sales That make for irrational and hasty purchases, When we ourselves might as well Submit to our desires? Would we rather, To suffer and adorn thrift store rags, But the idea of a dwindling paycheck, The imposing debt, when once built up Is nearly impossible to tackle, ceases our desires And helps us tolerate rocking the out of style threads we already own Than be thrust into a life of debilitating debt and paramount poverty? So thinking wisely does make us look like chickens, And so the conviction in our resolve Is overshadowed by us thinking responsibly, And the temptation that should have been fulfilled Get avoided due to thrifty thinking And lose the essence of temptation itself – But oh look over there! Are those the latest Jordans! My heart desires They must be mine before rationality kicks in!...
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