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Heart of Darkness1 - the jungle and maintains it with...

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Heart of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Similarities between Marlow’s and Dante’s journeys: As Marlow delves further and further into the thickness of the Congo basin, and as Dante descends further into the fiery pits of hell, both characters become emotionally sensitive to their surroundings. They also gain an inexorable amount of knowledge and wisdom that can only be acquired through a vicarious experience like theirs. As Dante’s hell was located in the center of the world, Marlow observes that “instead of going to the centre of a continent, I was about to set off for the centre of the earth.” -Marlow would be place in Limbo because of the philosophical person that he becomes and the profound wisdom that he gains after his journey. He has not committed any major sins so he deserves to stay in Limbo, a place that is relatively calm and pleasant. -Kurtz is the epitome of greed, lust, and wrath. He is obsessed with the power he gains in
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Unformatted text preview: the jungle and maintains it with coercion and gains it through the means of wrath. Since wrath is a higher sin than lust, and greed, Kurtz would be placed in the fifth circle. -The Manager would be placed in fifth circle where the wrathful and sullen are punished due to the uneasy and sullen reserve that he carries himself with. -The Accountant personifies the Company’s avaricious nature because the Company’s sole concern is the collection of maximum profits even if it requires killing millions of natives. Thus, the Accountant would be placed in the fourth circle of hell.-Kurtz’s Native Mistress would be placed in the second circle of Hell where the lustful are punished. Just like Kurtz, she is a woman of many lusts and therefore deserves to be placed in the assigned circle....
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