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Q2. Why am I on this earth? Ans. I, the Intended, exist to consummately devote myself to Kurtz. I “knew him best” and “had all his noble confidence.” “It was impossible to know him and not to admire him,” because his greatness emanated everywhere he went. The light of his knowledge and legacy “drew men towards him by what was best in them.” His dear existence was the reason for my existence but my eternal love for him will not be altered by his death. It
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Unformatted text preview: only grows more and more by the day and makes it seem like “it was only yesterday” that this world lost a legacy. My love and devotion to him knows no boundaries. It thwarts death, and its strength fuels my existence. His ultimate loyalty to me is the ultimate reason for my everlasting devotion to him. I exist as a symbol to keep alive his noble legacy. This, my utter loyalty, our untainted love and the beautiful memories of our past define my existence....
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