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Monster Poem - It plagues ones who lack conviction Strength...

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Saba Nafees 1B 17 th September,2010 Monster Poem Immaculate Master of Impatience The Master of Impatience resides deep within my unfortunate mind Spreads its venomous and vile disease Compelling my mind to remain restless And longing for perfection without patience Crawls with ease through the labyrinths of the mind Smells of sheer unpleasantness and grime Hisses in the ears of its’ prey And whispers thoughts to lead one astray Warring constantly with Patience
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Unformatted text preview: It plagues ones who lack conviction, Strength of mind and temperance Who abandon determination It is a symbol of a virtue lost The cause of quick frustrations at petty things The one who invites anger welcomingly Gives birth to intolerance and hatred But, hope exists, it can be overpowered Through the calming and rationalizing of the mind Through imagining and visualizing a world That brims with tolerance...
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