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Chpt 16 Notes 2 - Period Cost(2 of them(cost to make...

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Chpt 16 Pg 809 *Value Added (from customers perspective) Value Adding Non Value Adding Ex: textbooks -accounting fees -fees (like to real-estate agents) -legal fees -depreciation fees -custodial service -rent cost -set up fees -material cost -inspection/supervision -direct labor -CEO/CFO salaries *Financial Reporting Product Cost (3 of them)
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Unformatted text preview: Period Cost (2 of them) (cost to make product) (not traceable to product) 1. Direct Materials (DM) 1. Selling/Administrative Cost 2. Direct labor (DL) (advertising/marketing) 3. Overhead (indirect costs) 2. General & Administrative (President/CEO Salaries) (Administration part of product)...
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