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MEETING MINUTES 3 Wednesday, December 2, 2009 I. Old Business i. Commpliments: Great job! Will do again next year. ii. IMA socials: How can we get more people to come? Sony-Word of Mouth and invite friends. Mike Hughey-carpool; Chad Sims: Not have it on a Friday night; Mr. Mike: That is when IMA has the event; personal invite to faculty-Jeff Hoffmann (faculty liaison) iii. Comm club facebook group page: Facebook page is up; join today! There are 3 current members. Will have photos and event information on page next semester iv. ‘I wonder?’ box a. Answer questions b. New questions? II. Current Business i. Happy Dollar! a. Organization? Suggestion by Mr. Mike: Give to Lambda Pi Eta for Adopt-a-Family (everyone agreed)-counting money tomorrow b. Collect money by holiday party ii. T-shirts: Took tally of who wants t-shirts. We will send an email out with prices and to get sizes. Will have for next semester to wear at events III. Upcoming events i. Lambda Pi Eta information a. Next meeting: Friday, December 4
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09_12_02_commclub_meetingminutes - MEETING MINUTES 3...

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