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Meeting+Minutes+9.1.10 - Meeting Minutes Wednesday...

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Meeting Minutes Wednesday, September 1 st , 2010 @ 4:30-5:pm CA 001E The meeting began at 4:33pm and Faculty Advisor Mike Polites welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year reminded everyone that if they know someone who wants to join but was unable to attend they should email him at [email protected] . He then passed out the agenda which included the following items: 1. Welcome and Introductions 2. About the club 3. Officer Descriptions 4. Election of Officers 5. Questions and Reminders Secondly, the Communication Club (COMM Club for short) is a club that is open to all majors and minors. There are times when some of the events will be geared toward the Communication Studies major/minor or those who might be “considering” it. However, generally speaking, there are a variety of events. Mike went on to share the club has three focuses: Scholarship, Civic Engagement, and Social. Member Sony Lal discussed some of the event the club has done for each of these categories in the past. Under
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