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REQUESTOR Name____________________________________________________ Student ID # _____________________________________________ Home Address____________________________________________ City __________________________ State _____ Zip_____________ Home Phone ________________Daytime Phone ________________ Email Address: ___________________________________________ Campus Contact Address (if applicable)________________________ Campus Contact Phone (if applicable) _________________________ I represent _______________________________________________ (Organizational cause, University department function, etc.) IUPUI Relationship: (check one only) _____Student _____Faculty_____Staff EVENT INFORMATION Name of Event______________________________________ Sponsor___________________________________________ Where held_________________________________________ Date (s) of Event: From _______________ To ____________ Beginning time ________________ End time _____________ Contact person (if not requestor) _______________________ Contact person’s phones ______________________________ Will tickets be sold? ____Yes ____No If yes, cost $ _______ POSTING INFORMATION For all requests: Posting start date ______________ end date ________________ LOCATION POSTING REQUEST FLYERS NEED TO BE IN OUR OFFICE BY 2PM WEDNESDAYS TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT For Regular Posting Only: 8 1/2 x 11 Flyers Only There are 59 locations on campus where activity information can be posted. Please select the desired locations from the list below. If you have less than 58 posters, indicate how many to post in each building.
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