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University Regulations for Posting These regulations apply to buildings and property of IUPUI throughout the year. If there is any doubt as to which rules apply when, For the convenience of those desiring to post notices, Campus & Community Life, UC 002, provides a posting service for IUPUI student organizations and listed departments . 8 ½” x 11” flyers may be distributed for posting on official University bulletin boards (those listed below) when flyers are brought to UC 002 at least two weeks before date of event . All official posting services require the completion of the posting request form. 1. Flyers designed to appeal to the IUPUI campus at large must be confined to the buildings listed on front. Posting in any other building may be done according to local regulations and by special arrangement only. 2. Flyers must be restricted to bulletin boards or other space designated for posting. 3.
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