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Important dates in the U.S. Nuclear Testing Program in the Marshall Islands . 66 Tests between 1946-58 in Bikini and Enewetak Lagoons I. Operation Crossroads 1946 Plutonium bomb in Bikini Lagoon. 77 ships placed in Lagoon. Bikini people evacuated to Rongerik prior to detonation. People living on islands in a 100 mile radius of Bikini (including Rongelap) were also evacuated. Bikini chosen because (1) isolated (2) only 166 people lived there (3) deep lagoon. 1947 The Marshall Islands become a U.S. Trust Territory. 1948 Bikini people moved from Rongerik to Kwajalein atoll Later in 1948 Bikini people moved to Kili atoll. 1948 Indigenous people of Kwajalein moved to Ebeye so the U.S. could construct a base there 1956 Bikini people given first compensation--$25,000 in cash and a promise of a trust fund of $300,000. 1972 A few Bikini people return to Bikini when it is declared "safe" although a radiological survey of the island (which the Bikinians requested in early 1972) was never conducted. 1978 A survey is finally conducted and Bikini is declared unsafe so people evacuated to Kili atoll. The US provides a $6 million trust fund. 1981 Bikinians file a class action suit against the US government seeking $450 million in compensation because US scientists took 5 years to conduct a radiological survey of the island. 1982 The US provides a resettlement trust fund of $20 million to Bikinians. In 1989 an additional supplement of 90 million is given for the clean-up of Bikini. The real cost of the clean-up is estimated to be at least $200 million. II. Operation Sandstone 1947 Enewetak atoll chosen as another site for nuclear tests. People moved to Ujelang atoll. People later radiated by Bravo tests. Some people relocated to Ebeye.
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III. Operation Bravo 1954 Hydrogen bomb detonated in Bikini Lagoon. Bomb is 1000 times more powerful than that dropped on Hiroshima. People on Rongelap and 13 other atolls radiated by fallout.
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MARSDATE.docANTH - Important dates in the U.S Nuclear...

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