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Characteristics of Horticultural Societies 1. Horticulturalists are sedentary. 2. The family is a very important social group because it is the basic unit of production. 3. The descent group is also important. The descent group is a group of people who believe they are descended from a common ancestor. Membership in a descent group gives rights to use land. There is no concept of private property. 4. Division of Labor: Men always clear the land and burn the foliage and then either men, women or both do the cultivation. 5. Horticulture is an extensive subsistence strategy that involves knowledge of domesticated plants, garden rotation (fallow) and slash/burn techniques. It is usually combined with another subsistence strategy such as foraging or herding. 6. Horticultural societies are less egalitarian than foraging and more egalitarian than pastoral societies. People with more land have more status. 7. There is still emphasis on sharing and generalized reciprocity but also the development of balanced reciprocity . Surplus resources lay the basis for trade
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and exchange with other groups. 8.
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OnCourse+Version+Pastoralism_etc..docANTH - Characteristics...

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