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REVIEW FOR TEST III Concepts from Test II Kinship relations Features of Marriage Gender Chapter 11 Ancestral Spirits Animatism Animism Supernatural Beings Supernatural Belief Supernatural Forces Magic (contagious, sympathetic/imitative) Monotheism Demon Soul Polytheism Priest/Priestess Ghost Revitalization Movement Ritual Shaman/Shamanka Sorcery Prophet Mana Witch Puberty Rite Rite of Intensification Rite of Passage Puberty Rite Prayer Cargo Cult Sacred Ritual --Functions of supernatural beliefs/belief systems --Three cross-cultural aspects of supernatural systems --Aspects of Hopi religion Film: Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World Reading: Gmelch Chapter 13-14 Colonialism Domestic/External Economy Underdevelopment Grass-roots development Internal/external economies Colonization Capitalism Cash crop Dependency Hegemony White Man’s Burden Diffusion Pacification Acculturation Ecotourism Modernization Diaspora Applied Anthropology Bilateral organization/aid Globalization Localization First-Fourth Worlds Consumerism Commodity Chain
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