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STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST I Chapter 1 Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Applied Anthropology Holism Society Ethnocentrism Scientific method Cultural Relativism Comparative Method Chapter 2 Ethnic group Race Invention Innovation Subculture Adaptation Diffusion Enculturation Heterogeneous culture Ideal/real culture Culture (pg. 26) Homogeneous culture Chapter 3 Population sample Emic Informants Etic Fieldwork Formal/Informal Interviews Participant-observation Life History Rapport Quantitative methods Qualitative methods Culture shock Ethnography Ethnology Chapter 4 Language Historical linguistics Phonology Linguistic Anthropology Morphology Symbol Syntax Sociolinguistics Semantics Descriptive linguistics Ethnolinguistics Proxemics Kinesics Chapter 5/6 Food collection Cultural ecology (micro-model)
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Food production Transhumance Economic anthropology Pastoral Nomadism
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Unformatted text preview: Subsistence strategies Foraging Sustainability Pastoralism Horticulture Slash-burn cultivation Agriculture Surplus Carrying capacity Market exchange/Money Sedentism Cultural evolution (macro-model) Technology Generalized/Balanced Reciprocity People Bronislaw Malinowski Franz Boas Julian Steward Lists Characteristics of culture Characteristics of pastoral Characteristics of foraging societies societies Characteristics of agricultural societies Characteristics of Phases of the fieldwork process horticulture Key features of language as a system Characteristics of of communication horticultural societies Cultural Groups Nuer Ju’hoansi InuitWasho Yanamamo Masai Trobriand Oncourse Articles Lee Tannen Shandy Films Cow Jumped Over the Moon...
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REVIEW+FOR+TEST+I+Fa09.docANTH - Subsistence strategies...

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