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STUDY GUIDE FOR TEST II Chapters 7 and 8 Kindred Levirate Kinship Nuclear Family Kinship diagram Exogamy Marriage (features of) Consanguines Monogamy Fictive Kinship Serial Monogamy Dowry Neolocal Residence Household Parallel cousin Arranged Marriage Patrilineal descent Ghost Marriage Patrilocal Residence Bilateral Descent Ambilineal Descent Endogamy Family of orientation/procreation Chapter 9 Polyandry Gender Fraternal Polyandry Heterosexuality Polygamy Gender Roles Polygyny Gender Equality Sororal Polygyny Gender Inequality Cross Cousin Male-Dominant Gender Unilineal Descent Model Non-Unilineal Descent Sex Lineage Gender variants Bride Service Cultural preferences Matrilineal Descent for males Role Direct Infanticide Matrilocal Residence Indirect Infanticide Genealogy Homosexuality Totem Status Chapter 10 Sororate Authority Extended Family Caste Avunculocal Residence Chiefdom Bilocal Residence Influence Bride-service Nation-State Descent
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Unformatted text preview: Social Stratification Clan Power Cross cousin Tribe Bridewealth Law Affines Egalitarian Society Social Control Class Headman Bigman Chapter 10 (continued) State Stratified State Society Deviance Band Politics Rank Society Political organizations Lists and Diagrams • Factors motivating cultural preferences for males • Identification of the members of a patrilineal or matrilineal descent group • Functions of Kinship systems • Identification of Cross/Parallel cousins and marriages involving these cousins • How do different Descent systems affect gender roles and experiences of men and women • Factors affecting Gender roles ie. Ideology, economic resources, religion, cultural preference for sons • Characteristics of bands, tribes, chiefdoms, and states Articles Geertz, Nanda, Miller Films Dadi’s Family...
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Review+for+Test+IIFA09.docx.ANTH - Social Stratification...

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