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Social Research Exercise Many people in the United States trace descent through both their mother’s and father’s side of the family. This is called bilineal or bilateral descent. We will be talking about relations based on kinship and descent in the next few weeks. This Social Research Exercise involves drawing a kinship diagram/chart of your family. The symbols that you will use to draw the diagram are included below. Include at least two generations (parents and grandparents) above your generation and if possible, at least one generation below your generation (your children’s or your niece’s or nephew’s generation). After you have constructed your diagram, circle or color in those relatives who you feel that you can rely on
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Unformatted text preview: and who you are closest to. These individuals form a social group called a kindred . A person’s kindred can include both biological and non-biological relatives. After you have completed your kinship diagram you will write a Research Essay that discusses your kindred (both biological and non-biological relatives). For each person in your kindred (1) indicate what you call that person (2) where the person lives (3) how often you see the person and (4) why you feel that you have a significant social relationship with that person. You must hand in both your kinship diagram and written essay. This research exercise is worth 50 points of your final grade....
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