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C299: Asking Questions Assignment This assignment has two parts. First, develop a list of variables related in some way to interpersonal communication. Provide more than a one-word description. Describe each variable in terms of frequency, type, duration, amount, or some other quantifiable measurement. For example, instead of writing "trust", write, "the amount of trust one person has for another." Instead of writing “self-disclosure, write “the breadth of self-disclosure”, “the frequency of self-disclosure”, or “the
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Unformatted text preview: amount of self-disclosure.” Provide at least ten variables, but no more than 25. You may not use “trust”, “eye contact” or “self-disclosure” as your variables. Second, based on the list you compiled, list five questions of fact, three questions of value, and two questions of policy. Each question should only include variables provided in your initial list....
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