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Annotated Bibliography Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to have you demonstrate your knowledge and skill at finding useful and relevant sources for a specific topic. Specifically, you are going to be finding sources either for one of the questions you provided in the Asking Questions Assignment or for a new question. So, what is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography is a list of fully referenced sources that includes short summaries or evaluations for each work cited. Most commonly, they are used to demonstrate the breadth of writing on a particular topic, issue or field of study. Whether five or 100 sources long, all annotated bibliographies have the same general purpose -- to offer the reader a complete description of a work's location and contents. In order to achieve this, each annotation will include these two elements: a complete citation of each source according to the documentation style demanded in the discipline an exhaustive yet brief summary and evaluation of the source, usually called an annotation Regarding the citation, you must use APA. Arrange all sources in alphabetical order. Regarding the actual annotation, there are two basic types of summarization. An informative summary is descriptive and non-evaluative. It adopts the tone of the original work, presenting it in a shorter form. An evaluative summary does the same thing as a descriptive or informative summary but also includes an evaluative judgment about the work. Answering questions, such as: How extensive is the discussion of the topic? How objective is this source? Does the author have a slant
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02aAnnotatedBibliographyAssignment - Annotated Bibliography...

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