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Interview Assignment Prior to beginning this assignment, read pages 209-212 in your textbook. Your assignment is to conduct two non-structured interviews. Collect stories about interpersonal communication. Stories are narratives or accounts of an event or events. I encourage you to seek specific types of stories by carefully reviewing your first assignment then reading and re-reading your notes from the observation assignment. Part of that assignment involved reflecting on the questions you asked in the first assignment. Now that you have asked questions and made observations, you should have a better idea of what aspects of interpersonal communication intrigue you. You are going to interview one person from the class and one person who is not in the class. You will construct an interview guide. Ask at least 5 primary questions. Include additional follow-up or secondary questions. Prior to an interview, you will seek permission to do the interview, and, if the participant agrees, permission to record the interview. After completing the two interviews you will analyze them. Your assignment should be organized as follows:
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04InterviewAssignment - Interview Assignment Prior to...

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