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ASSIGNMENT: SURVEY CONSTRUCTION AND EVALUATION The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in constructing and pretesting a survey. You will construct a 15 - 20 item survey about interpersonal communication. This is a deliberately vague and broad topic. As a group, decide what you will focus on. I encourage you to draw upon your previous assignments to help narrow your focus. Once you have an area to focus on, develop a research question. On the due date you should turn in a completed survey, including cover letter, instructions, transitions, any necessary preambles, and a courtesy closing. This assignment will be done in teams of 2 -5. However, if you wish, you may complete this assignment alone. All team members will receive the same grade. Loafing will not be tolerated. I will ask each team member to evaluate each other. You will be asked to distribute 100 points among group members. Any person receiving less than 50 points will receive no points for the assignment. The peer evaluation form is on the next
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