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QUANTITATIVE ARTICLE ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT One purpose of this course is to make you more effective consumers of communication research. You will be given a published article that utilizes quantitative methodologies. You will respond to several questions about the article. If you quote from the study, you do not have to provide a complete citation. Instead, write something like: According to the authors, “blah, blah, blah.” I prefer that you summarize, though, instead of quoting. DO NOT quote long passages from the study. If you use sources other than the article, completely cite the source and then provide a separate sheet of paper with the centered heading “References.” Format: Provide a cover page List the Question; then provide your reply. Provide a list of references for any work you cited, including those in the article. (Note: If you cut and paste sources from a copy of the article, look carefully at the formatting.) Please cut and paste the following questions into your assignment.
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