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GENERAL CRITERIA FOR ALL WRITTEN WORK Portions adopted from a handout by Dr. Catherine A. Dobris, Department of Communication Studies, IUPUI The proceeding is a guide. Please see specific criteria for each individual assignment. The most important aspect of writing is that it is a process. Introductory college writing courses stress the value of approaching writing as a process, which is why portfolios are used. However, many students will not continue using a process approach to writing once they have completed the introductory courses. This is a grave mistake. Good writers know that writing is a time-consuming process, one that requires many steps (outlining the paper, writing a first draft, then revising, revising, and revising!). Avoid writing a paper without revising it. When you make revisions, I strongly encourage you to print your drafts and edit them. Avoid editing by only looking at your paper on a monitor. Consider sharing your work with your classmates and professor, seeking their feedback. Lastly, go to the Writing Center. Regardless of skill, everyone benefits from going to the Writing Center. At the least, visit their web site . They have several useful handouts. Here are the ones I recommend:
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