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Reading Response 1 (Bormann) – SAMPLE B The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) claims, “there is a storm gathering.” They are speaking of the group of people who have come together because of a shared belief- the protection of marriage in society. One can use symbolic convergence theory to analyze the fantasies, fantasy themes, and finally, a rhetorical vision that create solidarity and a group consciousness opposing same-sex marriages. The advertisement presented by NOM presents the common, everyday individual in a light in which the American public can relate. The individuals share their backgrounds, such as, “I’m a California doctor,” “I’m part of a New Jersey church group,” “I’m a Massachusetts parent,” backgrounds that are relatable to people from any part of the country. This allows the common viewer to identify with at least one individual in the ad, catching their attention, then choosing to listen more intently. Bormann believed that, “voiced fantasies become vehicles to share common experiences and invest in them with an emotional tone” (p.28). excellent Although the American public and the TV actors have never met, a sense of solidarity is built as the public listens to the dramatic imagery that is being used in the
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Bormann+sample+B - Reading Response 1 (Bormann) SAMPLE B...

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