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CH3+Symbolic+Convergence+Theory+Bormann - • In what...

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G201: Intro to Comm Theory Fall 2010 1 PLEASE NOTE: These class Slides provide a starting point for review. However, the basic information here is not all you need to know. the detailed content in the book and what we discuss in class is more important than this outline. SYMBOLIC CONVERGENCE THEORY Ernest Bormann Goobacks Ernest Bormann 1925 2008 University of Iowa, PhD University of Minnesota Communication Theory The Force of Fantasy: Restoring the American Dream Small Group Communication: Theory and Practice Categories Objective and interpretive Group communication Socio-cultural tradition Symbolic Convergence (Bormann) Fantasy Fantasy chain reaction Fantasy themes Sharing common fantasies transforms individuals into collective
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G201: Intro to Comm Theory Fall 2010 2 Symbolic Convergence (Bormann) What purpose do fantasies serve?
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Unformatted text preview: • In what situations do people share these jokes, stories, memories…? • Relieve tension • Traumatic situations • …? Symbolic Convergence (Bormann) • Builds group consciousness • I, me, mine we, us, our • Examples: • Colts • Classrooms • Colleges and universities • Sororities and fraternities Symbolic Convergence (Bormann) • Rhetorical vision • Small group multiple groups / public • Rhetorical vision motivates actions, decision-making • Examples: • Social movements • Immigration Using Symbolic Convergence • Why are you in college? • College admissions (Cragan and Shields) • Righteous vision • Social vision • Pragmatic vision • Why is that information valuable? How can we use it? Critiques of Symbolic Convergence • Which comes first: the fantasy or the group • Political fantasies and narratives...
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CH3+Symbolic+Convergence+Theory+Bormann - • In what...

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