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G201: Intro to Communication Theory Fall 2010 1 Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) W. Barnett Pearce and Vernon Cronen CMM (Pearce & Cronen) What are we making together? How are we making it? How can we make better social worlds? Escher’s Bond of Union CMM (Pearce & Cronen) Persons in conversation construct their own social realities The social realities we create simultaneously re- shape us CMM (Pearce & Cronen) Reflexivity – actions bounce back to affect us CMM (Pearce & Cronen) Serpentine Flow of Conversation ―Everything in a conversation is connected to everything else.‖ (77) It’s impossible to explain what something means simply and straightforwardly
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G201: Intro to Communication Theory Fall 2010 2 Escher’s Bond of Union CMM (Pearce & Cronen) Strange loops ―Alcoholic‖ Accept drink ―Not Alcoholic‖ Reject
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Unformatted text preview: Drink CMM (Pearce & Cronen) Why Coordinated Management of Meaning? Stories Lived Co-constructed actions we perform with others Stories Told Narratives we use to make sense of stories lived We constantly adjust stories told to fit reality of stories lived (and vice versa)especially in complex social relationships. CMM (Pearce & Cronen) Coordination without coherence Think about situation when two people or groups of people can coordinate action without holding the same meaning (coherence) CMM (Pearce & Cronen) Social Justice Help people who disagree live in relative harmony and act in concert. 9/11 speech (page 80) Compare to: Categorization Interpretive Socio-cultural / Phenomenological...
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