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G201: Comm Theory – Discussion Questions RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT THEORIES 1. You are a researcher who wants to answer the questions “How do we develop close relationships?” (family, friends, significant others/spouses) and “What makes some relationships develop strong and long-lasting ties, while others do not?” What are your hypotheses? What are your starting ideas for theories on relationship development? 2. How have researchers in the Phenomenological tradition answered these questions? What makes their theories more “interpretive?” 3. How have researchers in the Social-Psychological tradition answered these questions? What makes their theories more “objective?” SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY (ALTMAN & TAYLOR) 4. How does self-disclosure or transparency (sharing personal history, preferences, attitudes, feelings, values, secrets)
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Unformatted text preview: impact closeness? Whats the difference between depth and breadth of disclosure? Why are both important? 5. What are the rules of self-disclosure Altman & Taylor observed? 6. Do you agree with their observations? (from #5) Would you add others? Why? INFLUENCES and EXTENSIONS to SOCIAL PENETRATION THEORY 7. What is social exchange theory and how does it influence Altman & Taylors Social Penetration Theory? 8. What is ethical egoism and why does it undergird social penetration theory? Do you agree/disagree with this philosophy toward life? Why? 9. What does Sandra Petronios Communication Privacy Management Theory add to Altman & Taylors theory? 10. How is Petronios theory related to Pearce & Cronens Coordinated Management of Meaning?...
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CH9+social+penetration+discussion+questions - impact...

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