CH11+Social+Information+Processing+Theory - Changing the...

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G201: Intro to Communication Theory Fall 2010 1 PLEASE NOTE: These class Slides provide a starting point for review. However, the basic information here is not all you need to know. the detailed content in the book and what we discuss in class is more important than this outline. Social Information Processing Theory Joseph Walther Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) How is it distinct? Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) theories Social presence theory Media richness theory Lack of social context CMC “Cues filtered out” Absence of non-verbal = permanent flaw SOCIAL INFORMATION PROCESSING THEORY
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Unformatted text preview: Changing the game G201: Intro to Communication Theory Fall 2010 2 Social Information Processing Theory (Walther) With time, sufficient disclosure, and growth, relationships based on CMC have similar outcomes to face-to-face relationships Social Information Processing Theory (Walther) Verbal replaces Nonverbal Social Information Processing Theory (Walther) Extended Time Social Information Processing Theory (Walther) Hyperpersonal relationships Selective self-presentation Overattribution of similarity Communicating on your own time Self-fulfilling prophecy...
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CH11+Social+Information+Processing+Theory - Changing the...

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