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CH17+Functional+Perspective+on+Group+Decision+Making - Goal...

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G201: Intro to Communication Theory Fall 2010 1 Group Decision Making 0 How do groups come to reasonable, wise, quality, appropriate decisions? Functional Perspective 0 4 requisite functions High-quality solutions 0 Problem analysis 0 Goal setting 0 Identification of alternatives 0 Evaluation of positive and negative consequences 0 Accomplish all 4 0 Any order Functional Perspective & Cybernetic Tradition 0 Talk / conversation = medium or conduit 0 Noise / distractions disrupt conduit Communication and 4 Functions 0 Promotive 0 Direct attention to 1 of 4 functions 0 Disruptive 0 Diverts attention from functions 0 Counteractive 0 Attempts to get back on track Application 0 Think of a time you were involved in a group that followed (or strayed) from the four functions. 0 Problem analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Goal setting Identification of alternatives Evaluation of positives and negatives G201: Intro to Communication Theory Fall 2010 2 Let’s Practice… Problem G201 Wiki Study Guide participation is spotty. 12 people have contributed 3 or fewer times. Of those, 7 people have not contributed at all. This learning activity represents a healthy portion of the points available to earn. Implications Humility avoiding rigidity Rational, reflective thinking Opportunities for “low-status” group members Insist on process, not critiques Critiques Ignores emotions Ignores relationships Relational statements are distractions Must account for history and institution Only questions of policy Not fact, value, conjecture...
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CH17+Functional+Perspective+on+Group+Decision+Making - Goal...

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