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CH28+Spiral+of+Silence+DQs - reserved attitude.”(cited in...

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G201: Comm Theory Discussion Questions ( continued on reverse ) SPIRAL OF SILENCE (Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann) 1. Describe an example where you remained silent for fear of isolation or not matching the prevailing public opinion. 2. Why are people constantly trying to determine public opinion? 3. For Noelle-Neumann what role does the media (and television in particular) play in influencing public opinion? How is her theory both similar to and different from Shaw and McCombs’ Agenda - Setting Theory? 4. Noelle- Neumann predicts: “Individuals who … notice that their own personal opinion is spreading and is taken over by others, will voice this opinion self-confidently in public. On the other hand, individuals who notice that their own opinions are losing ground, will be inclined to adopt a more
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Unformatted text preview: reserved attitude.” (cited in Griffin, 376) Do you agree with her prediction? Why or why not? G201: Comm Theory – Discussion Questions 5. In your opinion, what is the most important variable in the “train/plane test”? Would you challenge any of the factors? Do you believe this is a reliable measure of willingness to speak out? 6. What role do “hard-core nonconformists” and “avant-garde” citizens play in shaping public opinion? Do you feel these individuals are rare or are they more common than Noelle-Neumann predicts? Why? 7. What factors other than perceived public opinion might limit a person’s willingness to speak out? Do you believe those are more important factors that challenge Noelle-Neumann’s theory? Why?...
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  • opinion, person, Belief, Spiral of silence, Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, World Association for Public Opinion Research

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CH28+Spiral+of+Silence+DQs - reserved attitude.”(cited in...

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