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Unformatted text preview: iPad Review Session G201: Intro to Communication Theory Fall 2010 MAGIC POINT OPPORTUNITY Mid Semester Theory Review DUE: Thursday, 14 OCTOBER Submit whatever theories you’ve completed to your drop box OR bring them to class. 10 magic points per theory/theorist. 1. Review the major assumptions and concepts associated with the theories / theorists below. Visit the G201 Wiki Study Guide on Oncourse for help. Mead Bormann Pearce & Cronen Baxter & Montgomery Altman & Taylor 2. Return to YouTube and search “It Gets Better.” Pick three or four more videos to watch so you have plenty of material to work with. Mix it up: pick a “celebrity” video and a video by an everyday person. They’re all powerful, but I recommend: Even in Texas It Gets Better, Gay Cop and Gay Marine, Neil Patrick Harris, Andy Cohen, Chris Colfer, Kathy Griffin, Zachary Quinto. 3. Complete any or all of the following sections (A through E). You won't be able to use the iBrainstorm app but be creative. Use text boxes or shapes to create a concept map or illustration of the concepts. Use this opportunity to (a) creative....
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