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G201: READING RESPONSE PAPER 2 - LEARNING ACTIVITY Evaluation Rubric ( continued on next page ) page 1 CRITERIA 4 – EXEMPLARY 3 – SATISFACTORY 2 – DEVELOPMENT NEEDED 1 – NOVICE STRUCTURE of ARGUMENT Goal: Demonstrate ability to craft a thesis and a develop a structured argument with strong evidence and explanation. Paper includes a clear, identifiable thesis statement (claim) that states the author’s position for the argument. The thesis should also clearly identify the structure of the argument that follows. The paper features a logical order of supporting evidence. All evidence is on point and directly related to the argument. All evidence includes strong explanations that carefully link the evidence to the author’s argument. The argument is clear, accurate, and succinct without extraneous details that detract from the author’s position. Paper includes a thesis or claim but may not preview the structure or trajectory of the paper. The supporting evidence all relates directly to the argument, but may not proceed In a systematic order. All evidence includes some explanation that ties it to the argument, but some connections are left for the reader to assume. The argument could be more succinct and includes some extraneous material that doesn’t relate to the authors claims. All discussion remains focused and on point. Paper includes a vague or underdeveloped thesis or claim. Supporting evidence may not directly relate to the argument or the connections between the evidence and the claim are not explained. The order and flow of the paper is difficult to determine. The points may seem haphazardly ordered. Summary uses vague language and general descriptors with little to no direct reference to the article. A large portion of the paper seems to stray away from the purpose and argument. Argument and analysis includes lapses in logic. No identifiable
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RUBRIC+-+G201+Reading+Response+2 - G201: READING RESPONSE...

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