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PHILOSOPHY OF TEACHING AND LEARNING  J ONATHAN P AUL R OSSING If … we don’t also teach students about passion and the relationship between passion and responsible action, then we leave them dulled. … our students will need passion with a conscience, passion imbued with a keen sense of responsibility. —Richard H. Hersh and Carol Geary Schneider, Liberal Education , 2005 Insofar as I am a conscious presence in the world, I cannot hope to escape my ethical responsibility for my action in the world. —Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom As a communications professor, my goal is for students to gain awareness of the ways communication shapes how we view reality, how we act, and how we think about ourselves and one another. I believe that a well- rounded education including communication produces life-long learners and socially conscious citizens. I want students studying communication to appreciate their ability to analyze society and reshape their communities. Students who realize their “conscience presence in the world” are better equipped to become informed,
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