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CHARACTERISTICS OF AFRICAN TRADITIONAL RELIGIONS 1. Spiritual significance of the environment . These religions are grounded in a particular environment (geographic and social). 2. Belief in a High God —Supreme Creator (removed from human world) 3. Belief in a range of superhuman powers who are more involved in daily life. At level of family and community: Ancestor spirits : Some are local to family Some are more general –may be associated with natural forces; Some are spirits of the village, associated with its founders (deified ancestors) actively and constantly concerned with daily life of kin and society. Necessity to live in harmony with the ancestors: emphasis on maintaining proper relationships with them through obedience, offerings (sacrifice) and praise. Guardians and enforcers of moral order Importance of proper burial for the dead so that they can become ancestors —i.e. retain the link with the living. Nature spirits
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AfricanReligions_133handout - CHARACTERISTICS OF AFRICAN...

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